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If you have used the services of a tradesman through this site please let us know how the finished job turned out. Tell us how you found the tradesman you used and als what you think of the services we provide.

We will use the feedback you give to improve our services. Thank you in advance for helping us to make the service better for everyone.

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Please give us Feedback on your Tradesmen

Let us know what you thought of your tradesman

By giving us your feedback we can help improve this service for others (and for you on your next visit) :)

Fill out the Tradesmen Feedback form and let us know what you think of your finished job and this site.

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If you are tradesman who works/can work in the Derry area and would like to register with our service simply fill out the Tradesmen Registration form. We will contact you to see what services you can offer to our visitors. You will be required to have a proven track record in your chosen trade and also provide some references. Read more

"...Thank you DerryTradesmen..."

"I hate phoning around everytime to look for good tiler who is available. I was on the internet and found your site. The service was very easy to use and the tiler did a great job. I will now use you for all my home improvements. Thank you again Sinead...."

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